A Gas Leak is Serious and Dangerous – Do you know how to identify a Gas Leak?

A suspected gas leak can cause panic and distress for home, business and property owners and rightly so. A damaged gas pipe can result in a dangerous and potentially life threatening gas leak. Dial before you Dig is a referral service giving information on locating underground utilities anywhere in Australia.

Both home and business owners must take on the responsibility of reminding builders and contractors working at their home, business or property to use this service before beginning any excavation work. This will not only ensure safety for everyone, but also prevent you or your business receiving a penalty for causing damage to a gas supply line due to a lack of diligence.

Do you know how to identify a gas leak? Here are just a few of the signs to look out for:

  • A Whistling or Hissing Sound Around A Gas Appliance 
  • Smell of Rotten Eggs
  • Dying Vegetation 
  • Higher Than Normal Gas Bills

A Whistling or Hissing Sound Around A Gas Appliance 

A whistling or hissing sound in your home, particularly around a gas appliance, is a strong sign of a gas leak and an urgent call to a professional is required.

Smell of Rotten Eggs

Natural gas doesn’t have any smell, so for safety purposes, a component that smells like rotten eggs is added. This smell is easily identified and certainly hard to ignore.

Dying Vegetation 

Plant life can wither and die for a variety of reasons (the most obvious being when we forget to water them!) However if your plants are near a gas line and despite being given plenty of TLC are still dying, this can indicate a gas leak.

Higher Than Normal Gas Bills

Gas leak

It is possible for leaks to be hidden from our senses, leaving dangerous gas leaking silently. If this is the case, your gas bill may be higher than normal. If you suspect this is the case, time to call in a professional.

If you suspect a gas leak then safety is imperative! Call a professional and take the following safety measures:

  • Evacuate the area and keep everyone at a safe distance
  • Do not use any electrical equipment near it, including mobile phones
  • Do not smoke or light fire (this includes candles)
  • Do not try to fix the leak yourself
  • Get away from the leak and call for help immediately

Need a Qualified Gas Fitter?

If you are unsure call anyway. Prevention is better than cure in all gas and plumbing areas. Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas are your professionals and available for emergencies 24/7.

To have your home, business or property inspected for potential gas leaks call Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas who are your local experts. They are the trusted name in the industry and service the South West area with two locations. Call the team in Bunbury on 97911608 or Busselton/Dunsborough on 97591317 for all your gas and plumbing needs.