Winter Plumbing Problems

Burst PipeWinter is the worst time to be messing around with your plumbing, especially when temperatures drop and you’re having to dig around looking for a burst pipe or fix a half-frozen garden hose. Issues that can be easily rectified in warmer months often cause havoc in cold conditions so save yourself time, money and possible frostbite and ‘winterise’ your plumbing today.

Wrap Up the Garden Hose

If you don’t need the garden hose over winter, it’s best to disconnect, drain, coil and store it until the days get warmer. Trapped water left in garden hoses can freeze and lead to expansion and cause damage to not just the hose, but to connections and taps.

Burst water pipe fixDrain Your Hot Water Unit

Your hot water unit is essentially a huge kettle, boiling water and then letting it sit. The debris and sediment that forms on the lining and bottom of the unit can cause huge damage to the unit itself so the unit, and it’s contents, should be drained at least once, if not twice, a year.

Clean Your Gutters

A necessary evil, cleaning out the gutters will not only prolong the life of your drainage, but it can prevent damage extending to the foundations of your home. Blocked gutters cause excess water to spill over the edge and pool around the base of poles and lower lying areas, creating issues with underlying stability and safety of your home and its surroundings.
Clear your gutters of leaves and debris and keep the water running in the pipe.

Routine maintenance is key, especially to avoid unnecessary water dramatics in the wet months. Mainline Plumbing & Cheap Hot Water & Gas can assist with all your plumbing maintenance needs to protect your pipes all year round.
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