What Kind of Hot Water Systems Are Available for My Home?

Evo heat pumps storage hot water system

Hot water systems may vary more than you think. There is the method of generation to think about when purchasing and installing a new hot water system for your home or learning about the one you already have. Knowing what kind of hot water system you are working with and how it works is a great piece of knowledge to have in the case that you need repairs or a new system.

  • Hot Water Storage Systems
  • Continuous Hot Water Systems
  • What Heating Methods Are Available for My Home?

Hot Water Storage Systems

Many hot water systems come with an insulated tank that store the heated water in so that it is ready to be used when needed. Hot water systems with storage systems are very commonly used and are a popular choice for homes.

Continuous Hot Water Systems

Continuous hot water systems are also referred to as ‘tankless water heaters’ because they do not possess a storage system. They will only heat the water needed at the time, which can save you energy costs in the long run. Tankless water heaters will take up much less space as well – if you have a smaller home and property and are looking at your options, this may be a better choice.

What Heating Methods Are Available for My Home?

infinite hot water system

While you have two choices in whether your hot water is stored or not, there are plenty of different kinds of ways to heat up the water. Solar is becoming more popular, but you can also have gas, electric, heat pumps, and other choices. Some will work better with continuous hot water systems and some will be more suited for storage systems, but you can ask your local hot water installation expert what is best for your property.

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