Why Is There No Water Coming from My Taps?

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If you turn on taps in or outside your home to discover a dribble or no water at all, there can be many culprits as to the reason why. If the issue is only with one tap, a minor plumbing issue may be the cause. If the issue is with several or all the taps in your home, and your neighbours don’t have the same problem, then it could indicate a more extensive issue.

Read on to learn 3 reasons why there could be no water coming from your taps including:

  • Hot Water System Issue
  • Blocked or Leaking Pipe
  • Damaged or Broken Washer

Hot Water System Issue

If the issue of no water coming from taps is only with hot water taps, your hot water system could be damaged. A hot water system like all other appliances around the home should be regularly inspected and repaired to remain in good working order. Common reasons for a hot water system to not be working include a build up of sediment, rust and leaks.

Blocked or Leaking Pipe

Burst Pipe

A blocked or leaking plumbing pipe are common culprits for water no longer freely flowing from taps. As a leak becomes larger, it can lower the water pressure to the point it stops water free flowing completely. The same occurs with blocked pipes. As a blockage continues to build, it can eventually stop water flowing through your pipes hence no water coming from one or several taps.

Damaged or Broken Washer

Damaged or broken washers are common culprits of leaking taps however can also cause a taps water supply to stop completely. If one or several taps in your home need washers replacing, remember to ensure the task it done correctly using the right tools. DIY washer replacement that is not done correctly can lead to further issues and repairs in the future.

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