Why Has My Water Bill Increased?

Leaky Faucet

Water usage – and the cost that comes with it – is a massive concern for many Bunbury and South West residents. While Western Australians have the cheapest water bill average in the country, there are still many reasons that your water bill might be higher than expected. If you want to try to lower the cost of your water usage there are many factors you can consider.  

  • Invisible Water Leaks
  • Old Plumbing Fixtures
  • Habits that Waste Water

Invisible Water Leaks

Invisible water leaks are those leaks in your plumbing that you cannot see and can be the cause increased water bills. If your water bill has risen suddenly, without you making any significant changes, it can mean one or several plumbing pipes have sprung a leak.

Invisible water leaks can cause massive damage to your home, including mould and damage to the house around the leaking pipes or fixtures. If you think you may have an invisible leak in your plumbing, contact a local plumber immediately to inspect for any issues. If left unattended, it can turn into a very costly issue.

Old Plumbing Fixtures

Have you looked at how much water your current toilet uses on each flush?

A toilet uses a lot of water in general, and if you have an older model it can use far more than you need it to. Switching your old toilet and plumbing fixtures out for newer, water-safe models can be a wise investment if you are committed to saving money on your water bill and reducing your home’s water usage.

If you are not sure what model you need, a great idea is to contact your local plumbing expert and get their recommendation on water safe plumbing fixtures.

Habits That Waste Water

Water Running from the tap

There are a lot of little habits that snowball into big water wastage. Reducing these issues can lower your water bills significantly if you add them all up. Long showers are a common reason for larger water bills, as are little things like frequent half-full laundry loads, running a tap while washing the dishes, or leaving the water running while you brush your teeth.

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