Why Do the Drains in My Home Smell?

Blocked drain

If you notice an unpleasant smell in your home it is often assumed the bins, fridge or toilet is the culprit, however a common cause can be drains. When the drains in your home smell unpleasant homeowners make every attempt to eliminate the smell including running water down the drain, drain cleaners and room deodorises.

What causes drains to smell and how can you eliminate the smell? Read on to learn 3 common causes below including:

  • Your drains are blocked
  • There is a problem with your pipes
  • Your toilet trap has an issue

Your drains are blocked

Blocked drains are one of the most common plumbing problems and a blocked drain can result in a bad smell. If a drain is blocked with food scraps, as time goes on these food scraps will go off resulting in a bad odour travelling through the drain and into your home. If a drain is blocked due to hair, whatever is washed down the drain will become stuck and build up where the hair blockage is. As this debris continues to build up an unpleasant smell will become present.

There is a problem with your pipes

Leaking, rusted or mouldy pipes can be the cause of bad smelling drains. A leak in a drainage pipe can cause unpleasant smells to enter your home. Why? As your drains connect to your sewer connection pipe. If you notice a metallic smell, corrosion in your pipes could be the culprit. Pipes make the ideal breeding ground for mould and mildew too. If you suspect your pipes have become mouldy it’s important to have them cleaned to protect yours and your families health.

Your toilet trap has an issue

Blocked drains

When looking behind your toilet you will notice a pipe with a bend in it. This is known as a plumbing trap. Water falls into this bended pipe and acts as a barrier to stop the smell of sewerage. If this trap has an issue, a noticeable unpleasant smell will be present in your toilet or bathroom. If you suspect there is an issue with your toilet trap, make having it repaired a priority to avoid exposure to sewerage gases.

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