Why Do My Bathroom Drains Keep Blocking?

Clean bathroom

If water is no longer freely flowing down drains in your bathroom, a blockage is the most likely culprit. Blocked drains can often be cured by using a plunger to clear the blockage, however if blocked drains in your bathroom is an ongoing issue, there is a good chance there is a blockage lying deep in your plumbing pipes.

Failing to clear the cause of blocked drains in your bathroom can lead to water pooling in your shower, bath and basins. Once at their limit, you will no longer be able to use water in your bathroom without the risk of your basin and shower overflowing.

Read on to learn 3 common culprits of bathroom drains blocking including:

  • Hair
  • Sand and Debris
  • Foreign Objects


The bathroom is the common place in your home to wash and style your hair. While strands of hair may seem harmless, they are one of the most common cause of blocked bathroom drains. Hair accumulates in drains and as it continues to build up, will clump together, become stuck and block drains. To avoid this occurring, it’s encouraged to wipe out showers and basins each time you wash or style your hair. This will help to minimise the amount of hair that makes its way down your drains decreasing the chances of a blockage caused by hair occurring.

Sand and Debris

Bathroom Drains

If your work or hobby leaves you with sand or debris on your hands or body, then this too will be washed down drains. Whether washing your hands in the basin or body in the shower, dirt and debris that is washed down bathroom drains will build up and over time can cause drains to block. When this occurs, specialised plumbing equipment is normally required to detect the location of the blockage and to flush out and clear the sand and debris from the drain.

Foreign Objects

Your bathroom is the common place for your morning or evening beauty rituals from combing and styling your hair to applying make-up to personal grooming. Common culprits that cause bathroom drains to block include items used for our beauty rituals such as cotton buds, cotton wool and hair pins. Ensure foreign objects do not accidentally make their way down bathroom drains by covering drains with a strainer. A strainer will also be useful for catching any loose hair strands too, preventing them from being washed down the drain.

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