Who Turned Off The Hot Water?

Hot Water by Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas BunburyAs winter approaches in the South West, hot water is in greater use as a means to warm up in the cooler nights. Hot water for showers and baths, as well as for washing dishes and clothing, is a luxury we take for granted in the modern world but is greatly missed immediately if it ceases to come through the pipes.

Has your hot water stopped working? Is the hot tap only bringing through lukewarm water, or completely stone cold?  There could be many reasons why your warm water is not flowing through to the sink, shower or drain that you wish it to. Here are some of the main culprits as to why….

  • Fixture Damage
  • Someone’s Using the Water
  • Simple Checks Required

Fixture Damage

If the hot water is running from all the other taps and shower heads in your home except one, then you will most likely find it is something faulty with that particular plumbing fixture. Broken showerhead mixing valves, which regulate the mix of hot and cold water, are a common issue, however your problem may extend into the pipes in the walls so be sure to call a plumber for any repairs and replacements.

Water Being Used Elsewhere

Hot Water by Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas BunburyIf your hot water flow significantly decreases or stops completely whilst you are in the shower or running dish water, your most likely culprit is that someone is using the water elsewhere in the house or that the hot water has ‘run out’. It can take over 30 mins for some water heaters to re-heat a full tank of water and a household’s increasing number of showers, loads of washing, dishwasher or sink fills can tax your hot water system’s maximum capacity. An instantaneous hot water unit can  simply heat the required amount of water as it moves through a heated coil, that may be able to assist with your growing families water requirements.

Simple Checks Required

Is the electricity supply turned on or pilot light still lit? Have you checked the water temperature settings?  If all the basic checks come back with no reason why your system shouldn’t be functioning properly, it’s time to call in the experts.

Who Do I Call to Fix My Hot Water Problems?

Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas are your experts in hot water installation, repair and replacement. Now operating from premises in both Bunbury and Dunsborough, Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas carry the skills and experience to ensure the job is done professionally, affordably and promptly. Call our Bunbury office on 9791 1608 or Dunsborough on 9759 1317 today and ensure your hot water is running smoothly this winter.