Who Can Unblock my Drains in Bunbury?


Blocked drains are a problem that can occur in all areas of the home. The bathroom, kitchen, laundry and garden drains can all cause grief to homeowners when clogged. If you have tried the trusty old- fashioned remedy of plunging or used endless products from hardware stores to unblock your drains but had no success, then it’s time to call in the professionals.

Most people are surprised to find the culprits that are causing their drains to block. Here are just a few of the items that can block your drains:

  • A Build-up of Hair and Hair Products
  • Debris and Roots of Plants and Trees
  • Food Scraps and Cooking Oils

A Build-up of Hair and Hair Products

Most people lose on average between fifty to one hundred strands of hair each day. Bathroom basins and showers are a common place for fallen hair, bobby pins and small hair ties to accumulate and eventually be washed down drains. Regular cleaning of the shower and basin drains can capture loose hair sitting on the surface, but unless it’s cleaned daily there is no avoiding hair making its way deep into your pipes. Over time as the hair continues to build up it will eventually block your drains. A professional who has the correct equipment is often the only way to unclog the drains and retrieve those thousands and thousands of hair strands that have built up over time.

Debris and Roots of Plants and Trees

Blocked drain

As the wind blows and seasons change, trees and plants lose their leaves. These leaves are often left lingering in the garden and eventually make their way into drains. A build up of leaves (and sand and grass) in drains will cause them to block and stop the free flow of water. Regular raking and sweeping of your gardens are the best way to stop garden debris making its way into drains.

While large trees look beautiful and keep us cool by providing shade in summer, their roots can cause issues by damaging pipes beneath the home. Be aware of large trees on your property and avoid planting vegetation with large, thick roots too close to pipe work.

Food Scraps and Cooking Oils

The kitchen sink can unintentionally become home to food scraps. Before washing dishes it’s important to clear any food scraps left on plates or bowls into the compost or bin. If these food scraps make their way down the drain, they can cause drains to block. The same can be said for cooking oils in pans and baking trays. Ensure the oils are cleaned off and disposed of before washing the pans and baking trays as a build of oils down your kitchen drain will most certainly cause a blockage. 

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