Who Can Install a Water Filtration System in My Bunbury and South West Home?

Below bench filtration system

You may have heard the term ‘hard water’ and wonder what it means? When water that runs from our taps has a distinct smell or taste or may even be discoloured, it can be referred to as ‘hard water’. Installing a water filtration system to improve the quality of the water in your home not only saves you money by removing the need for store bought filtered water, it also can protect your tap fittings by removing the sediment and chemicals that can cause damage.

Wondering if you need a water filtration system for your South West home? Read below to learn 3 signs your home could benefit from a water filtration system including:

  • You have noticed a change to the taste of your tap water
  • Your shower head regularly becomes blocked 
  • Your skin and hair feel dry 

You have noticed a change to the taste of your tap water

If you have noticed a distinct change to the taste or smell of your tap water, a water filtration can improve the quality of your tap water. There are many reasons why tap water can have a distinct taste or smell including corrosion, mineral deposit from old and worn pipes, chemicals and dirt that have entered your water flow.

Your shower head regularly becomes blocked

Shower Head

Hard water deposits can cause shower heads to become blocked regularly. When a shower head is blocked, this can also affect your water pressure. A blocked shower head makes it harder for water to freely through the shower head resulting in lower water pressure when showering.

Your skin and hair feel dry

Filtered water can also be beneficial for your skin. Your skin or hair may be feeling drier than normal or be easily irritated. While there are many other reasons why this may occur, bathing and washing your hair in hard water can be a cause.

Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas are your local experts in all areas of plumbing and are the specialists in under sink water filtration systems

Installing an under-sink filtration system in your home, you are ensuring the water that comes straight from the tap is cleaner and safer for your family. Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas are your local choice in plumbing and can assist by supplying and installing a filtration system to your existing water pipes to provide clean drinking water for your family and non-damaging fluids for your household appliances.

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