Who Can Fix the Leak Under My Sink?

sinkIf you have found a leak under your sink, it is best to clear out any stock in the cupboard and see if you can locate the area where the water is coming from. Whether it is slow or a faster flowing leak it is best to protect your cupboard space sooner than later.

When dealing with the leak it is important to find it and stop it at the source and if you are not able to repair the area yourself you can contact a professional plumber who can fix the problem for you.

Repairing the leak could be as simple as retightening a hose or a connection. If your not sure where exactly the leak is coming from, dry the pipes and hoses with some paper towel and then going over the pipes again with dry a towel will usually show the areas.

Several Areas You Could Experience a Leak Are:

  • Supply or Valve
  • Drain
  • Rim or Tap Base

Supply or Valve

Most sinks have a connection from the sink to the water supply and sometimes leaks can appear at the shut off valves.


To test your drain for leaking, fill sink with water and then when releasing the plug, inspect all pipes and hoses connecting to the drain.

Rim or Tap Base

The rim is the part of the basin that rests on the counter top and if water is leaking from there and onto the counter tops you will want to protect your counter for further damage occurring. Check underneath the counter and see if there are any possible leaks coming from pipe work and protect where possible and ring a professional plumber for further assistance.

Small plumbing issues can become issues if not attended to swiftly if in doubt contact a professional plumber is they will be able to not only source the problem but will ensure the area is fixed correctly so the area will be protected for future purposes.

Who to Contact For All Your Leaks and Plumbing Needs With Your Sinks?

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When you have an emergency or would like assistance with your plumbing contact the team at Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas today at Bunbury 9791 1608 or Busselton / Dunsborough 9759 1317 available 24/7 the trusted name in plumbing.