Where Do I Find a Commercial Plumber?

Water pipe repairLet’s start with what commercial plumbing is. When it comes to requiring a commercial plumber, whether it be an emergency call out, building a property or general maintenance, residential properties are not the only structures that need the expertise of licensed plumbers and gas fitters. Commercial buildings, ranging from small shops and offices to large scale industrial factories, all require professional plumbers and gas fitters to install and maintain their taps, pipes, drainage, water and gas systems to comply with building codes and standards and provide the safest and most comfortable environment for their staff and clients.

How does commercial plumbing really differ from residential?

  • Larger scale
  • More regulations and standards
  • Consideration for surrounding infrastructure

Larger Scale

When installing plumbing and gas in a residential property, plumbers usually only have to work on the small-scale area of the house itself. Major drainage and pipes have already been established in the original site works when the roads were put in and the blocks divided. In existing homes, the maintenance is usually limited to one room of the home and can be relatively simple to replace and repair. With commercial properties, pipes and drains extend sometimes for several floor levels and flow to more than one wastewater system or tank in the ground. Bigger buildings usually mean more complex drainage systems and bigger holes to dig and pipes to lay. When it comes to maintenance, commercial plumbing issues must be rectified quickly as the situation, such as a faulty toilet or burst pipe, can have detrimental effects on staff safety and the business’s productivity.

PlumbingMore regulations and standards

Workplace health and safety are paramount in all workplaces and the extensive safety regulations for both during and after construction of commercial plumbing and gas fitting are no exception. Not only do the safety precautions ensure the welfare of the plumbers and gas fitters carrying out the work on the site, they also need to consider that of the surrounding public. On a new construction site, there may be a limited number of pedestrians in the vicinity of the gas lines and plumbing holes and pipes, however if the structure is based in a developed commercial area, extra safety standards and precautions need to be enforced to protect those who are unaware of the dangers of work site hazards.

Consideration for surrounding surfaces

When commencing plumbing and gas installation on a vacant lot, whether it be for residential or commercial use, plumbers and gas fitters have a small luxury in not having to consider the surrounding infrastructure and the effects that their actions may have on it. However, when installing, maintaining or fixing plumbing or gas in a developed area, for example, a shop fitout in an existing retail complex, tradesmen need to be vigilant in ensuring their work practices do not interfere or jeopardise the safety or customer traffic of other businesses. Loud power tools, long, deep trenches being dug in doorways or vehicles obstructing access all need to be avoided where possible.

Where Do I Find a Commercial Plumber?

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