What to do with a noisy tap?

Do you have a noisy tap, that is driving everyone crazy?

Especially in the middle of the night when someone gets up to go to the toilet and tries to wash their hands quietly and wakes the whole household up with dreadful banging, rattling and vibrating noises. Is it just a one off noise or is it persisting? Luckily, noisy taps are usually pretty easy to fix – so, give Mainline Plumbing & Cheap Hot Water & Gas a call.

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Possible causes for a noisy tap

Sometimes this is also referred to as water hammer. It is when a shock wave of high water pressure in the pipes is caused by the sudden closing of a valve. Want to know what could be causing your tap to scream and make those unbearable noises? It could be any of the following reasons:

  • Faults in your plumbing design
  • Mineral deposits on the aerator
  • Faulty tap washers
  • Wrong size of tape or pipe
  • A buildup of scale
  • Solenoid valves on appliances
  • High water pressure

Why is my tap constantly dripping?

Firstly, check your water meter when no water is being used to see if it is still ticking over. If so, the leak will be either through your pipes or from your tap washers. You will be pleased to know that this is a quick fix. However, if there is a leaking pipe – you may need to search for damp patches in either your garden or your lawn. These are sometimes a little trickier to locate.

Do you have any idea how much money your dripping tap is costing you? You would be surprised to know that just one leaky tap is costing you thousands of litres of water – just going straight down the drain. Don’t hesitate – call Mainline Plumbing right away.

Call Mainline Plumbing for all of your tap problems

Choosing a good plumber who uses proper installation techniques is the only way of ensuring that these problems don’t continue to happen. If you have guests coming these holidays – noisy and dripping taps is the last thing you need.

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