What to Do When You Have Toilet Troubles?

ToiletWhilst it’s not always the most popular topic of conversation, the toilet is one of the most essential working appliances in your home. Everybody uses it and when problems arise with it, everybody knows about it. Gone are the days of trotting out to the back garden in the freezing cold or pouring rain to sit amongst the flies and mosquitos to get the job done, however the marvels of modern day technology are of little benefit when your plumbing is faulty and you’ve got a toilet emergency. Calling in a professional is always advisable to fix any kind of plumbing issue as they carry the right insurances and tools for the job at hand.

The most common problems with toilets include:

  • Leaks
  • Blockages
  • Not Flushing/Partial Flushing
  • Overflowing
  • Sounds in other drains when flushing


The most common causes of a leaking toilet (water running from the tank at the top into the bowl at the bottom) is the toilet flapper failing to form a tight seal around the valve. The best way to check if your toilet is leaking from the tank is to remove the toilet lid, drop at least 10 drops of food colouring into the water at the top and wait 10-15 minutes. If the colour drips into the bowl, you’ve got a leak.


Blocked DrainAsk any parent and they’ll tell you that a lot more than what’s suitable goes into the toilet. Substantial amounts of toilet paper or non-flushable items, as well as things that some might think are good to flush but are definitely not (baby wipes, paper towel, sanitary products, nappies), cause clogging of the drains that can become big problems further down the line if not rectified quickly. Older toilets are typically low flow and can experience significantly more blockages than newer models.

Not Flushing/Partial Flushing

Press the button and nothing is happening? The flapper valve is usually to blame, with waterlogged valves causing the rubber or plastic flapper to drop too quickly. Whilst often considered a DIY repair job, you may wish to consult your licensed plumbing to ensure the problem isn’t a symptom of something more sinister. Hard water blockages and stains can also contribute to the toilet mechanisms seizing up and require chemical intervention to remove the build-up.


There’s definitely a sense of panic when you flush the loo and the water rises quickly to the rim. An error in the tank mechanisms that control water flow or a serious blockage in the pipes is the main reason for overflowing toilets. You need to find the source of the issue to prevent any further occurrence, which a licensed plumber can assist you with quite easily.

Plumbing by Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas BunburySounds In Other Drains When Flushing

Does your kitchen sink gurgle when someone flushes the toilet? Or can you hear the water running loudly in the shower drain? This means the toilet vent pipe is partially or fully blocked. Leaves, twigs, balls and small animals can fall down into the pipes and cause huge, unknown obstructions. Leave this job to the professionals as unclogging larger plumbing pipes can result in all kinds of nasty surprises being flushed back up the pipes and into your home.

Who Can Help Me With My Toilet Troubles?

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