What to do if I have a blocked drain?

Blocked drains driving you mad?
A damaged or collapsed drain won’t work properly; it runs the risk of leakage water or sewage into your home. Did you know that there could be a simple solution to your problems? There are many reasons behind the damage and the blockage – one that our experts can deal with. Here at Mainline Plumbing & Cheap Hot Water & Gas, whether it is blocked toilets or drains, our plumbers can fix it!

Mainline Plumbing in action

We all know that it doesn’t take much to end up with a blocked drain, especially in the bathroom. With a combo of hair and toothpaste – it’s never going to be a happy ending. However, it always seems to happen when you’re planning that big party or having visitors staying over.

Is your drain showing any of these signs?

  • Water is draining very slowly
  • The water is beginning to back up out of the sink drain
  • The water in the toilet bubbles when you run the tap
  • Gurgling noises are coming from the drains
  • There’s a smell of decaying food wafting from the kitchen sink
  • There are pools of water forming near a sink or the bath

At the first signs of a slowing drain, be sure to call Mainline Plumbing & Cheap Hot Water & Gas. Don’t wait until it’s a major block! We’ll be there in no time.

Sometimes you can clear the drain yourself. Turn the tap on and partially fill the sink with water. Using a plunger, work it up and down several times, remove and repeat a few more times. If it’s a double sink that you’re working on – one of the drains will need to be plugged off.

All too hard? Call our plumbing professionals at Mainline Plumbing & Cheap Hot Water & Gas. Day or night – we will be waiting for your call.

Things to avoid putting down your sink

  • Grease! It only hardens up and then sticks inside your drain. Empty your leftover grease and fat into a container and dispose of, ensuring none of it goes down your sink.
  • Coffee is another one. The coffee grounds can stick together and become backed up in your drain and can cause serious issues.
  • Egg shells. They create a granular waste that connects to other forms of waste, making it difficult for the piping in the drain.
  • Anything absorbent. Such items as segments of paper towels to cotton balls will absorb everything and will only add weight to the system.

Fortunately, many of these items can be placed into your household compost and can easily end up in your garden.

Another tip too! In future, stay away from chemical drain cleaners. They might seem like a quick fix, but they are very harsh and have been known to cause corrosion to your pipes.

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