What Hot Water System is Best for My Home?

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Free flowing hot water is a luxury that most homes in Bunbury, Busselton and the South West don’t wish to do without. While most homes hot water systems are inherited when purchasing the home, when it comes time to replace that hot water unit it is recommended to get a hot water system most suited to your households needs. Doing so, saves water, saves energy and saves you money.

Read on to learn 5 factors to consider when choosing what hot water system is best for your home including:

  • Available Energy Sources
  • Type of Hot Water System
  • Size Required

Available Energy Sources

Before you can narrow down your choices, you need to know what energy sources are available at your home or property including gas, electricity or solar. If you’re connected to mains gas and your house gets ample sun, the most eco-friendly system could be a solar powered system with gas boosters.

Type of Hot Water System

The 2 most common types of hot water systems are storage systems and continuous flow, more commonly known as instantaneous.

Storage system hot water operates in the way water is ready to use as it is heated and stored in an insulated tank. Most gas, electric, solar and heat pump hot water systems use a tank. Continuous flow, or instantaneous hot water, heat only the water required and there is no storage tank. Most continuous flow hot water systems use gas, but electric models are also available.

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Size Required

When deciding what size hot water system is best for your home or property there are several factors to consider. These include the amount of people living in your home and the amount of hot water that will be needed. A storage system hot water that is too small for your homes needs will result in a shortage of hot water to meet demand while a storage hot water system that is too large is wasting water and money as it will maintain the water temperature even when not being used.  

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