What does Gas smell like?

Gas leakNatural Gas has no taste and is actually odourless. When you smell the scent of “Rotten Eggs” this is an additive called mercaptan. This has been added to make people aware that if smelt you have a gas leak somewhere. There are natural gas detectors that you can have installed for added safety.

If a gas leak is suspected, action by shutting off the gas at the mains straight away. If you feel that the levels of gases are too strong in your environment of housing, take yourself to an area of safety and contact a professional gas fitter and installer.

Gas leaks should not be investigated by anyone other than professionals. The best thing to do is keep yourself and people in the facility safe until expertise arrive who are better equipped to handle the situation.

Be prepared to evacuate if the following happens

  • Bushes or shrubs look like they have died suddenly
  • Gas Smell and flames near by
  • The sound of hissing
  • Gas is Switched off unexpectantly

Bushes or shrubs look like they have died suddenly

If your bushes and shrubs have died suddenly in a particular area this could be a cause of a leak underneath the surface or the base of your home.

Gas smell and flames near by

Gas StoveIf you smell “Rotten Eggs” and there are flames near by leave immediately and switch off at mains and contact the professionals.

The Sound of Hissing

The sound of hissing could be of a gas leak don’t try and source where it is coming from just take yourself outdoors and switch off at the main source and contact a professional gas fitter.

Gas is Switched off unexpectantly

If your Gas has switched off unexpectantly, check your mailbox for notification from your gas company or contact them directly to find out if there is a problem in the area.

For All Things Gas

All Gas maintenance and installs, require a professional Gas fitter as gas problems can be fatal.

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