What Causes Water Pipes to Burst?

Burst Pipe

A burst water pipe is a common plumbing problem and an emergency plumbing issue that can’t wait to be repaired. If you find a burst water pipe at your property, it’s important to switch off the water at the mains and call in a professional plumber for help. When a water pipe bursts, the sooner you call a plumber the less water will be wasted and quite often the less extensive the repairs required too.

Many homeowners are left baffled when they have a water pipe burst as they were not even aware, they had a plumbing problem. What causes water pipes to burst? Read on to learn a few warning signs to look out for and common culprits including:

  • Unsecure Pipes
  • Water Pressure Problems
  • Corrosion Over Time

Unsecure Pipes

If you hear a loud clanging noise when turning taps on and off in your home, it normally means you have a plumbing problem. Water pipes lie within the wall cavities of your home and if these water pipes are not secure, they can begin to move around each time water is turned on and off. Over time, the movement of the pipes can weaken the joints, and what causes water pipes to burst.

Water Pressure Problems

To ensure water pipes function as they should, water pressure needs to be at a normal level. Too much water pressure can cause pipes and other plumbing fixtures to burst. A professional plumber can test the water pressure in pipes and if pressure is too high a pressure reducing valve can be fitted to adjust it back to the ideal level.

Corrosion Over Time 

Causes Water Pipes to Burst

A combination of iron oxide and other mineral deposits can build-up over time causing the inside of water pipes to gradually narrow. As this continues to occur, water is no longer able to escape through resulting in the water pipe eventually bursting.  

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If you have a burst water pipe – call a plumber immediately.

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