What Causes Wastewater Blockages in Bunbury & the South West?

Blocked Drain

Blockages in your wastewater systems can disrupt your entire community with unpleasant odours and the eventual removal process required to fix them. There are many things that can cause these blockages, but most of them are caused by improper disposal of waste within the home. We should all be doing our part to prevent wastewater blockages in our systems by learning the correct ways to dispose of all waste products safely.

  • What Can I Flush Down the Toilet?
  • What Not To Pour Down the Sink?
  • Am I Responsible for Wastewater Blockages?

What Can I Flush Down the Toilet?

It is advised that you only flush your own biological waste and toilet paper down the toilet. Anything else is not made to be flushed and should be disposed of in a bin instead. Do not flush sanitary napkins, baby wipes, band aids or gauze down your toilet, as these things are common causes of blockages in your sewerage system.

What Not to Pour Down the Sink

blocked sink full of water

Pouring oils and fats from cooking down your sink is a terrible idea and can cause many issues for your plumbing. Instead of using the kitchen sink to dispose of these items, try putting them in a watertight container and dispose of them in your bin instead. Adding a strainer to your kitchen sink is also a fantastic idea to make sure that the oils and fats are not getting stuck in your wastewater systems.

Am I Responsible for Wastewater Blockages?

An internal blockage in your home’s plumbing is your responsibility, and if taken too far you will need to contact an experienced plumber to safely remove the blockage from your system. If you do not take actions to remove the issue, it can have consequences such as an overflow of wastewater, a non-flushing toilet, or a lingering smell in your home.

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