What Causes Noisy Water Pipes


There are various reasons for instance, clogged, hot or cold pipes, washers in taps, fast water pressure.

Whatever the noise might be, should be investigated by a professional plumber to ensure your piping is back to working the way it should. Prevention is always better than the cure so getting onto the issue sooner than later will keep the pipes flowing correctly.

Typical Noises Pipes Can Make

  • Loose Pipes
  • Main Shut Off Valve
  • Toilets and Cisterns
  • Water Hammer
  • Washers in Taps

Loose Pipes

Pipe work sometimes just needs adjusting, as water flushes through quite quickly and in large volumes this moves the pipes which can cause shake that can be noisy.

Main Shut Off Valve

If you hear a squealing sound coming from your water pipes when turning them on or off, this could be the cause of a main shut off valve or the water pressure regulator. For this to be fixed the mains for the street will need to be switched off to replace or repair or the reducers manifold may need to be fixed.


Toilets and Cisterns

When banging and clanging is heard coming from your toilet after flushing and refilling, the ballcock assembly that helps the toilet to refill could be worn.

Water Hammer

Water rushing through pipes and faucets are at a certain speed and force so when the faucet is turned off this causes an abrupt holt to the water flow. There is a chamber of air that acts as a cushion for pipe work of the hot and cold taps and as hammering happens over the years a part called a riser starts to wear and the cushioning effect is lost.

Washers in Taps

When a washers need replacing the noise of whistling can be heard. If squealing is heard from a washing machine area the valves will need replacing.

Who Is the Expert to Fix My Noisy Pipes?

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