What Are the Signs of a Failing Septic System?

Leech Drain - Septic System

When septic systems start to fail, they can cause a health hazard; a risk of contamination with bacteria to the environment, humans and animals. As a system backup can start in the pipes and make its way back up the pipe if it is not cleared, groundwater can also cause issues if your septic system is not healthy.

Some Reasons for Septic Systems Not To Work Properly Are:

  • Pipes From the House
  • Inlet Baffle
  • Leech Drain
  • Tree Roots

Pipes From the House

Drains may start draining slower than usual or stop draining all together; toilets can stop flushing properly and sinks backup. A professional plumber will be able to source the problem and unblock for you. Best prevention is to only flush human waste and toilet paper in toilets. Having yearly inspections will ensure the pipework is kept clear.

Inlet Baffle

Septic tank done

Inlet baffles are located at the tank. They can get clogged with toilet paper and other debris. Contacting your local plumber, they will be able to clear them for you.

Leech Drain

If your leech drain fails, you may notice an odour smell near the tank or leech drain itself may have a wet soggy patch around it. Septic may start backing up into the home which should be actioned as soon as possible for hygienic purposes.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are a major culprit when it comes to septic systems blockages. The trees love the water and the nutrients provided by your system and will come from a far to access it. If you have any big trees near your pipework or leech drain; tree roots maybe causing the blockage. A professional plumber will have a cutting machine to clear the roots from your system.

Having Issues with Your Septic System?

Septic problems can esulate quickly so as soon as you think you have an issue contact the trusted name in the plumbing industry, Mainline Plumbing Cheap Hot Water and Gas at Bunbury on 9791 1608 or Busselton/Dunsborough on 9759 1317.