Things you can do to stop blocked drains


Throughout the home there is drainage for bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, laundry and outside downpipes.

Each drain hole should be covered with a port that allows the water to still drain without big items being washed down into pipework. When the wrong objects go down, they can cause a bad blockage at the initial area and if not attended to can have a follow effect in other parts of the pipes. If you are not sure what kind of blockage you are dealing with or can’t see the item, contact a reputable plumber who has the right tools and knowledge to dislodge this for you.

How to keep drains clear

  • Hair and Soap
  • Food Scraps
  • Flush Drains
  • Toilets

Hair and Soap

Bathroom sinks, showers and floor drains are very common for collecting items of hair and soap so it is a good idea to keep these drain ports clear by removing away from the drain. Hair won’t dissolve straight away and will just collect anything that flows down pipes and soap is greasy and can cake onto pipework. If this is something that grosses you out, put gloves on and grab with a tissue and place in the rubbish bin.

Food Scraps

Thinking that pushing small scraps down the sink is harmless is the complete opposite due to the S bend shape of the pipe that is attached to the drain can cause a build up of the scraps which will eventually be hard to flush through and then a blockage will be caused. There are additional drain covers that can be placed onto the kitchen drains and after dishes they can be removed and the scraps that have been caught can be discarded.

Flush Drains

Low flow in toilets and faucets is great for saving water but due to the minimal water flow going into pipes it is a good idea to help flush pipes by filling sinks with some water and releasing a plug to give a good flow of water through the pipes.


Toilets are not rubbish disposals so refraining from flushing items other than excretions and toilet paper should be a must.

If you happen to have a drainage problem in your plumbing

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