Should I Choose an Electric or Gas Hot Water System?

Hot water tank

When it comes time to replace the hot water system in your home, there are multiple choices on offer. One of the most common questions many homeowners have is should they choose an electric or gas hot water system? While both electric and gas hot water systems have many benefits, the choice for homeowners can come down to your location, your budget and your hot water needs.

Read on to learn more about choosing if an electric or gas hot water system is right for your home including:

  • Electric hot water
  • Gas hot water

Type of Hot Water System

There are two main types of hot water systems. Storage systems store hot water in an insulated tank, meaning the hot water is on hand and ready when needed. Continuous flow hot water systems, otherwise known as instantaneous systems, heat water as it is needed. If you have a preference to the type of hot water system you want, this could narrow down your options between electric and gas.

Electric Hot Water

An electric hot water system can be installed inside or outside a home. They are a popular choice as they are reliable and come in a range of sizes. The ongoing cost to run your electric hot water system may be higher long term however the initial cost to purchase and install is cost effective for many homeowners. In terms of our environment, if not powered by a renewable energy source, electric hot water does have higher greenhouse emissions.

Gas Hot Water

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A gas hot water system must be installed outside the home and is only viable to homes that are connected to mains gas. Long term, gas hot water will generally be cheaper to run. In terms of our environment, gas hot water is energy efficient with fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

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