My Wall Is Bubbling and Peeling! What’s Going On?

paintThe cause for your wall’s new complexion may be contributed to a few factors, however the main culprit is usually water damage. Water damage occurs to interior walls when a plumbing pipe is leaking significantly and water is sitting in your wall cavity. It usually presents at the bottom of the wall in a corner, the best place for water to drip down and pool inside the wall and generally in the room opposite.

If your bedroom shares a common wall with your bathroom and your pipes are leaking, you will likely find the damage appearing on the wall behind your bedroom door. Similar if your bathroom comes off the hallway; bubbles, peeling paint and rust will appear at the base of the door frame in the hallway. If you touch these ripples, the paint, and sometimes plaster, will come away quite easily and the flooring, especially carpet, will start to collect the moisture and become water damaged as well.

Water damage is a serious issue and needs to be addressed before the entire wall needs to be stripped back and re-plastered. Your best course of action includes:

  • Call Your Plumber Immediately
  • Minimise the Use of The Wet Area
  • Check Your Insurance

plasterCall your Plumber Immediately

When it comes to pipes, the only person you need to call is your plumber. Not only is it a legal requirement, it is a cost-effective choice to get the problem fixed before it becomes expensive and inconvenient. Plumbers have the knowledge and the tools to locate the leak and determine just how much damage has been done, as well as expertise in fixing the problem efficiently and professionally.

Minimise the Use of That Wet Area

Before the wall can be repaired, it needs to dry out completely. Secondary damage is imminent when water damage has already presented itself in the form of a bubbling, peeling wall, with mould forming and growing rapidly within 24-28 hours of water sitting in a moist, warm spot. Mould growth can present serious health risks and cause further damage to extended areas. Rust can also appear on metal door frames, which will also spread rapidly if the source of the constant moisture is not removed.

Check Your Insurance

Mainline PlumbingWater damage to walls and flood damage caused by faulty appliances or severe weather conditions are different issues and are treated as such on your insurance policy. Any water damage that occurs due to lack of maintenance or gradual leaks may not be included in your policy. Double check the fine print to make sure you are covered, as hard water in many suburbs is a contributing factor to leaking pipes and this issue is becoming more common, even in newer homes.

Who Can Help Me with My Water Damaged Wall?

Mainline Plumbing & Cheap Hot Water & Gas are your local specialists when it comes to plumbing maintenance and emergencies. They can assess the problem and give you a competitive quote to fix the issue before it becomes a major problem. Call the team today 9791 1608 (Bunbury) or 9759 1317 (Dunsborough) for friendly advice for all your plumbing needs.