Major burst water pipe? No problem!

Burst water pipe fixSo, you’ve noticed signs of a water pipe leakage. Perhaps you’re not getting sufficient water supply or you’ve noticed moisture on unexpected places. If your home is an old home and you haven’t replaced your water pipes yet, it’s best to have those pipes check. Did you know that a damage water pipes can cause you several problems such as:

  • Health risk. There may be an uncovered lead presence on those water pipes and you may not know it. It can pose a threat to you and your family’s health.
  • Serious home damage. The water from the leaky water pipe can seep into the structure of your home which may cause serious damage.
  • Poor quality living. Imagine getting not enough water when you are washing the dishes? Or worse, when you are in the shower? It can affect your day to day activity.

A damaged water pipe is a serious issue and should be addressed as soonest possible. Getting the services of the professional is your best option. Are you looking for a professional plumber to fix your water pipes? Whether it needs a repair or replacement, contact ‘the trusted name in the plumbing industry’ for all your emergency plumbing requirements, call Mainline Plumbing & Cheap Hot Water & Gas.

Isolation valve replacement

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