How to Maintain a Septic Tank?

Septic tank installationOlder homes, those located on acreage or in rural communities without access to sewage will have a septic tank on the property. These are large, underground tanks are usually composed of concrete but can be made from fibreglass, PVC or plastic and they are the primary storage for your household wastewater. An absorption method is always implemented so that when the waste is decomposed through bacterial activity, it has a way to drain into the surrounding soil. However, septic tanks are not a ‘leave a forget’ system of wastewater management and will often need pumping out or repairing. Common issues with septic tanks include:

  • Coping with Extra Pressure
  • Overflow or Reaching Capacity
  • Regular Maintenance

Coping With Extra Pressure

Your household septic tank becomes adapted to the regular use of water in your household. An increase in people taking showers, flushing toilets, washing dishes and using washing machines can mean the tank fills up quicker without the ability to drain efficiently.

Some solutions include:

  • encouraging your guests or older children to take shorter showers
  • not using too many cleaners/soaps
  • refraining from using tank additives or chemicals to unnecessarily prevent any expected problems.

Overflow or Reaching Capacity

Septic tank doneHave you noticed nasty smells coming from the garden? A wet patch or super green grass above your septic tank? Is the water draining slowly and your pipes smell bad? These can all be signs that there is a problem with your septic tank; more than likely it is too full. Resist the urge to pour any kind of chemicals or cleaning agents down the drains in an attempt to dissolve the wastewater; call your licensed plumber.

Regular Maintenance

The main issue with septic tanks is that they must be pumped out from time to time to ensure efficient function. After a while, sludge and solids accumulate in the main tank which then overflow into the soakage area, resulting in leach drains being unable to move water and becoming blocked. Pumping out your tank is a job for professionals as it involves digging, draining and inspecting your tank.

How to Maintain a Septic Tank?

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