Do You Need To Convert To Deep Sewage?

Drain RestorationIs your home a bit older and still connected to its’ own septic tank?

Are you able to be connected to the deep sewerage system in your neighbourhood? Not sure?

Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas can advise whether you are eligible to connect to your local sewage system, arrange connection and decommission your existing septic tank.

The drainage system in your home carries water away whenever toilets are flushed, sinks are drained or water is run. It’s a process that takes little thought on our part, but is an essential component of both the wastewater management and the environmental impact our houses have in our community. When it comes to drainage systems, you have one of two choices; sewage or septic.

Older homes and rural properties are typically still connected to their own septic system, with deep sewage conversions only commencing as recently as 30 years ago in the Bunbury area. Newer homes, new estates and renovated homes will all be connected to the deep sewerage system. The aim is to eventually convert all existing homes to the deep water sewage system and decommission septic tanks.

Some reasons to convert to deep sewage include:

  • Costs and maintenance
  • Increase Value
  • Possible zoning requirement

Cost and Maintenance

SewerageSeptic tanks can seem a more eco-friendly option, however they require a lot more maintenance. Regularly inspections of the ground surrounding the tank to check for overflowing, increased chance of pipe blockage, pumping out the tank and the significant cost of repair should the tank leak or overflow. Whilst deep sewerage connects a community and maintenance is paid for by local governments (via rates), septic tanks are the responsibility of the private landowner and costs to repair or maintain can be significant for an individual to incur.

Increase Value

Due to the perceived costs and maintenance required for septic tanks, homes connected to sewerage lines are generally favoured over those connected to a septic tank. Resale value is thought to be increased as buyers do not want to hassle of maintaining the septic, or paying for inevitable conversion.

Possible zoning requirement

Whilst all newer homes are automatically connected to the deep water sewerage system, older homes will all eventually be converted under local government regulations. Your residential area may or may not have requirements for your home to be connected to sewage however it pays to arrange a connection earlier rather than later.

Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas can connect your property cost effectively and professionally and have been doing so for local properties for over 30 years.

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