Leaking Gas Pipes Could Be an Accident Waiting to Happen

Gas leakWhen it comes to gas pipes and appliances it is vitally important that pipes and elements are kept in perfect working order so that there won’t be a potential problem down the track.

If you are getting new appliances installed or renovation work is going to be constructed around gas lines, before any work takes place, contact a professional Gas fitter who can ensure that the safety rules and regulations are met for your protection, this is not a job that should be attempted by DIY.

Gas service pipelines are buried underground and contacting “Dial before you dig” is a referral service to contact before works are to be carried out, to let you know where gas lines will be.

What to do if you suspect a Gas leak?

  • Check your mailbox
  • Flick the switch
  • Put out all naked flames
  • Contact a Professional Gas FitterMailbox

Check your mailbox

If your local gas company is doing works in the area they place a notification card in your letterbox of time maintenance checks are being carried out and approximate time of completion.

Flick the switch

If you have noticed a smell of rotten eggs or can hear a hissing sound coming from an appliance or dust blowing out randomly from the grounds surface. Turn off all switches to the appliances and at the gas meter box as soon as possible.

Put out all naked flames

Gas StoveThis is a rule for all flames alike, open fires, candles or any kind of heating element. Gas leaks can be hard to detect if you’re not sure what you are looking for and especially hard to see, so to maintain your safety, keep all flames out until the all clear is given from a professional gas fitter.

Contact a Professional Gas Fitter

Gas Leaks if not noticed in time can be a serious problem and could also be fatal. To ensure your safety and the safety of others in your environment Contact a professional when it comes to all maintenance and Installations.

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