Install a low flow shower head to save water!

Water saving tips

Save water, use a timer and take shorter showers!

How long do you spend in the shower? Some of us may find it comforting to spend too much time in the shower and that’s normal. Isn’t a nice, long shower can help alleviate your stress? However, if you’re spending too much time maybe you should install a low flow shower head!

Wouldn’t it be great if you can shower all you want anytime of the day without feeling guilty that you are using too much water instead of saving? In times like ours today, it is important that we know how to save water – starting from your bathroom! Installing a low flow shower head is proven to be effective in regulating your water usage when showering. It helps in:

  • Conserving water
  • Reducing energy usage
  • Protecting the environment

By installing one today, you’ll need less energy to heat your shower and therefore reduce your bills while saving water too. Need a plumbing services? Call Mainline Plumbing & Cheap Hot Water & Gas on 9791 1608 (Bunbury) or 9759 1317 (Dunsborough) – where you can save water and lower your water heating costs!