How Much Water Is a Leaking Tap Wasting?

Leaky Faucet

While the sound of a dripping tap seems to echo through the house at night, there are more important reasons than it being annoying to have it repaired. Water is precious and saving water helps to preserve our environment. There are many small things we can all do to help save water in our homes, one of them being having leaking taps repaired.

Ever wondered just how much water a leaking tap is wasting? Read on to learn the amount of water a leaking tap can waste over periods of time including:

  • A day
  • A month
  • A Year

A day

A leaking tap which leaks 10 drips of water a minute may not seem serious. Right? Wrong! 10 drips of water a minute adds up to 600 drips an hour and 14,400 drips a day. That is the equivalent to about 3 litres of water.

A month

A dripping tap leaking 10 drops of water each minute, adds up to 90 litres or more over a month. How much water is 90 litres? To put it into perspective a running tap can use 10 litres of water per minute. Imagine turning on your shower or a tap and leaving it running for no reason for 9 whole minutes! The result, a big waste of water and a spike in your water usage.

A Year

Dripping Tap

The longer a leaking tap is left, the worse the leak can become. The worse the leak, the more times a tap drips each minute and the more precious water wasted. In some cases, a dripping tap that is left for a year can lose up to 20,000 litres of water. That is enough to fill a small pool.

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