How do I make my hot water heater last longer?

Hot water unit replacement

Most hot water systems aren’t given a second thought until you are left with no hot running water inside the home. You may then be required to replace the whole unit.

Unfortunately, when you run out of water it doesn’t always run out at the most convenient times, someone could be washing their hair, shaving, washing dishes or other duties that require this wonderful source.

If so with a few simple tips and steps you can increase the life of your heater and make it work better for you and your family use.

Making Your Water Heater Work More Efficiently

  • Flushing
  • Anode Rod
  • Insulation


Most water heater manufacturers will recommend flushing the tank, keep in mind this is different to just draining. If you don’t feel confident in actioning this. You could schedule this with your professional plumbing service.

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Anode Rod

This is a Rod that hangs in the tank to help prevent rusting happening inside the tank and continuing outside. It is a good idea to check this when flushing the tank. If the Anode Rod is corroded replace as needed this will save in the long run of replacing your tank. Only use good Anode Rod to stop corrosion in the tank. This step too can be actioned by a professional plumber.


A once step only job, is actioned by wrapping the whole tank in a blanket of insulation which can improve the efficiency by up to 40%.

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