How Can I Test My Water Pressure in Bunbury and the South West?

Water pressure

When we turn a tap on in our home, we expect to receive a constant stream of free-flowing water. If you turn on your taps and are greeted with anything but, you may be wondering why your water pressure is suddenly unusually high or unusually low.

A change of water pressure in Bunbury and the South West can be caused by several reasons. While a plumbing issue is a common culprit, be sure to check if any water outages or works are happening in your area as they could potentially affect your water pressure.

Did you know? The Water Corporation of WA aim to provide 20 litres of water per minute. It is important to note though that this number may not be completely accurate for everyone as often it depends on where your water services are located on your property. Read on to learn a simple test you can do at your home to see how many litres of water you are receiving each minute

  • Prepare for the test
  • Record your water metre reading
  • Perform the test
  • Take another water metre reading
  • If required, call a professional

Prepare for the test

Before performing a water pressure test, ensure all taps and any appliances that use water in or around your home are turned off. Ask those that live in your home to not use any water until you have completed the test.

Record your water metre reading

Safely and carefully access your water metre and write down the black and red numbers. If you are unsure where your water metre is on your property, it is normally located on the front boundary however if you are having trouble locating it, the Water Corporation can help.

Perform the test

Wasted water

Turn on your front garden tap for exactly 60 seconds. Use a watch or phone to record the one minute and catch the water into buckets so it’s not wasted and you can use it to water your garden after the test.

Take another water metre reading

After performing the test, take another water metre reading. Subtract the second reading from the first reading to find out how much water came from your tap during the 60 seconds.

If required, call a professional

If you are receiving more than 20 litres per minute from your garden tap there may be an issue with your plumbing. High water pressure could potentially lead to water pipes bursting.

If you receive less than 20 litres of water in the 60 seconds or are unsure of your results, contact the Water Corporation so they can investigate further and if needed do a pressure and flow test.

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