Hot water unit isn’t performing? Call us!

Have you ever woke up early in the morning, looking forward to jumping into a warm steamy shower only to find out that your shower is freezing cold?!
That is very frustrating!

Is your hot water, well not really hot or, does it take so much time for you to heat up the water to a desirable temperature? It is more likely that your hot water unit is on it’s way out or broken. When was the last time you had it serviced? It may be a very small repair or it could be something larger, don’t wait to find out, call Mainline Plumbing & Cheap Hot Water & Gas today for a free quote.
Hot water unit

Hot water unit don’t last forever and at some point they will give out. There are also several reasons why your hot water unit gave up. It’s great to know these reasons so you can address the issue quickly. They include:

  • Hot water unit is old. Your hot water unit is not the same with wine that gets better with time. Hot water units just get old and cause costly problems. In general, a hot water unit can function around a decade (10 years). Longer than that, it is important that you get your service checked to see if it will soon need to be replaced. A quick inspection may find a small fault that can be rectified and give years to your old system or it might be something more serious and save you having a cold shower on a chilly morning.
  • Your thermostat could be the problem. It might not be your entire unit’s fault but just the thermostat, the component that regulates gas intake from an attached fuel supply. If your thermostat is broken, your hot water unit won’t receive the signal to heat your water.
  • Sediment build up. Over time, water contaminants can build up the bottom of your hot water unit, preventing it from producing ample hot water. Bunbury water often has high levels of Calcium and sometimes Iron so get your hot water unit checked and make sure to clean it against sediments build up.

If your hot water unit isn’t performing? Call Mainline Plumbing & Cheap Hot Water & Gas.

Have you noticed that with the change in weather your hot water unit isn’t performing as well as it used to? Don’t take it for granted. Check for the possible causes. If you can’t fix the problem, call in the help of a professional.

Your home’s plumbing is a major investment and something that you need to last for a long time. Don’t take chances with a faulty plumbing or having the wrong plumbing installation. Contact Mainline Plumbing & Cheap Hot Water & Gas today on 9791 1608 (Bunbury) or 9759 1317 (Dunsborough) and ensure that your plumbing needs and your hot water needs are being taken care of by a professional.