Help! My Water Pipes are Noisy. Who Can Help in Bunbury?

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Are you greeted with a squeak, squawk or squeal when turning on taps in your home? Unusual noises coming from water pipes can not only be noisy, but cause panic for homeowners and tenants. While there are many causes of noisy water pipes, if not inspected and repaired, they can become a costly and large problem or worse still stop water freely flowing all together.

Read on to learn 3 common plumbing issues that can cause noisy water pipes in your home: 

  • A Blockage
  • Loose Piping
  • Broken or Worn Washers

A Blockage

If a gurgling sound can be heard when turning on taps it can indicate a blockage. Foreign objects such as hair and food scraps can unintentionally make their way down drains, build up and eventually cause drains to block. It is important to be vigilant and prevent any foreign objects washing down drains. A few tips include having plugs for kitchen sinks with strainers attached to collect any crumbs and food particles. After washing your hair, collect any fallen strands of hair in the shower straight away to prevent them going down the drain.  

Loose Piping

Pipe repair

Beneath the walls, ceilings and floors of a home are metres and metres of unseen piping. This piping can become unsecure over time causing it to make a rattling noise as water flows through. The team of professional plumbers at Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas have the knowledge and experience to locate and access these hidden pipes to perform an inspection and repairs.

Broken or Worn Washers

A common complaint from homeowners or tenants is a squealing or whistling noise coming from pipes around household appliances, such as a dish washer or washing machine. The common culprit of these noises can be broken or worn washers. Washers and hoses should be inspected for damage or leaks regularly and replaced every three to five years. Another sign your washers need replacing is although a tap is turned off, it continues to drip.

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