Heating Your Home Safely with Gas

Coming home to a toasty warm house is one of the best parts about winter. When your gas heater is doing its job and heating your home, it’s easy to forget about its maintenance and safety.  The maintenance and safety side of things and just enjoy the warmth, but the condition of your heater is more important than you think.

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Gas heating is widely used in Australia. We heat, cook and refrigerate with it. With gas we are enjoying the conveniences more and more with the supply of natural gas plus technological advances in gas products. However, it is essential to recognise the safety risks associated with not properly maintaining your gas appliances to prevent damage to the unit, explosion or fire in the home or even carbon monoxide poisoning.

Damage to The Unit

Reading and adhering to safety and operating instructions for all gas appliances is essential for efficient running of the unit and to prevent damage to the structure itself and surrounding areas. Incorrect use of the product will more than likely void a warranty and leave you with a costly repair bill (and a cold house!).

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Explosion or Fire

An obviously highly undesirable outcome from faulty use of gas appliances is the explosion of gas with heat and fire. A small incident can leave you without an appliance, a more significant one can leave you without your house, or with serious injury. Follow all operating and safety instructions on your gas heater to prevent disastrous consequences.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Faulty, un-serviced heaters are the main source of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in the home. An odourless gas that can be fatal if consumed for too long in a closed space, carbon monoxide can leak from gas heater units at any time, despite how old the system may be. All gas heating systems in your home should be serviced and tested for CO spillage at least every two years.

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Please note, gas servicing must be performed by a licence gas fitter.