Gas Leak? Call Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas Now!

Gas leakA gas leak is a serious hazard and should be inspected and repaired immediately by a licensed gas fitter. Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas have recognised the need for emergency services such as attending to gas leaks outside of our primary Bunbury location and have expanded into Dunsborough, to allow for easier, more prompt service to our clients in the Margaret River region.

The smell of gas is distinctive for a good reason. Odour is added to this unscented gas to allow for hazardous gas leaks to be detected quickly and when you can detect this odour in a place you shouldn’t be able to, it can indicate that you have a leak in any of these areas of your home:

  • Hot Water Systems
  • Gas Cooking Appliances
  • Gas Repairs and Maintenance

Gas Cooking Appliances

Gas StoveGas cooking can be significantly more economical than electric elements and stove top cooking with gas is a traditional method that has maintained its’ popularity due to the more efficient cooking times and higher-grade quality of heat production. But gas stove tops are a prominent culprit when it comes to leaks and can easily be switched on and left on by both adults and children. If you can smell even the faintest of gas odours when not cooking with gas, call the licensed professionals at Mainline Plumbing immediately.

Hot Water Systems

A lot of Australian homes still have gas hot water units, however age and excessive use over time can cause these units to corrode and the gas lines to become faulty. Installing, replacing and repairing your hot water system is simple with Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas. Our licensed tradesmen are fully qualified plumbers and gas fitters who take pride in their work and strive to bring you a quality product with superior after sales service.

Mainline PlumbingGas Repairs and Maintenance

Maintenance of your gas appliances is essential to ensure they run smoothly and that a small problem doesn’t turn into a disastrous emergency or harm to your family. A licensed plumber and gas fitter from Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas can assess your unit or appliance and address any issues that may be evident and assist you with fast and affordable service should your unit or appliance need repair,

Who Can Help Me with My Gas Leak?

Servicing the South West for over 35 years and now expanding into Dunsborough and the Margaret River region, Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas offer years of knowledge and experience in all areas of gas fitting as well as a 24/7 availability and no call out or extra fees for after-hours emergencies. Call the team at Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas on 9791 1608 in Bunbury and 9759 1317 in Dunsborough to ensure your family’s and home’s safety today.