DIY Plumbing Fixes While You Wait For The Experts

Plumbing toolsHas your toilet started to make funny noises? Filling up to high when you flush and not draining quickly? Statistics show that blocked toilets are the top plumbing problem so you’re not alone in your plumbing woes.

Help is at hand with Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas 24/7, no callout or penalty fees policy, but you can alleviate some of the issue so that to avoid further blockage and damage whilst you wait for the experts.

As scary as it looks, refrain from flushing your toilet repeatedly. As much as you want to do this, it could make the problem worse than it already is. You can temporarily fix the blockage by –

  • Donning the rubber gloves and grabbing a rubber plunger;
  • Remove the excess water from the toilet bowl with a cup and a bucket, leaving enough water in the bowl to cover the plunger;
  • With the plunger placed in the bottom of the bowl, plunge gently at first to avoid being splashed with unholy water. Now plunge more forcefully, once the hole is sealed. You may need to repeat several times.
  • Hopefully, if the blockage isn’t too major, and the plunging forces the water down the pipe and dislodges it.

Keep in mind that this is only a temporary fix for unblocking your toilet. Most often, the problem will reoccur so further investigation down the pipes is required.

My toilet won’t flush properly

Toilet ProblemsApart from blockages, there are other toilet issues that you may experience, such as it not flushing properly. It could be that the cistern hasn’t filled before flushing, the buttons are out of kilter or possibly the cistern itself is faulty.

You can check this yourself by opening the cistern lid to see if the mechanism is working correctly. If it appears to be slow to fill, check that there isn’t anything obstructing the valve that triggers the tank to fill and remove it cautiously. Be sure to replace the lid carefully, so that that buttons are lined up correctly over the mechanism. However, don’t keep tampering with it if the problem continues, as it more than likely will become a bigger problem.

Help! My toilet is leaking!

Don’t hesitate, this is the time to call Mainline Plumbing. If there’s a pool of water near your toilet, it’s leaking and you need to address this immediately. Once a toilet is more than 5-7 years, it is classed as old, believe it or not. The mechanisms for the inflow and outflow start to deteriorate and they often need replacing. This most definitely isn’t something that you should try out your DIY skills on. Ring the experts!

Call Mainline Plumbing for all of your toilet problems

Got a problem with your toilet? It always happens at the most inconvenient time. Leave the dirty work to the professionals and save yourself time and money but ensuring peace of mind with Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas.

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