Can I Flush Wet Wipes Down My Toilet?

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When you think of what can cause your toilet to block, the first object to come to mind wouldn’t be a product that is meant to be ‘flushable’. However, this is the case for many homes all around Australia as wet wipes are causing big issues to plumbing and waterways. When it comes to the question – Can I Flush Wet Wipes Down the Toilet? The simple answer is NO. The best way to dispose of wet wipes is in the bin, even if they are labelled “flushable”.

Here are just a few issues that wet wipes which are supposedly “flushable” can cause:

  • Wastewater System Problems
  • Damage to Home’s Outdoor Areas

Wastewater System Problems

The past few years has seen a rise in the number of pipes being blocked and plumbing issues caused by wet wipes being flushed down toilets. Although wet wipes are often branded “flushable” as they are assumed to dissolve and break up, plumbers will disagree this is the case. A single wipe being flushed is not necessarily an issue, it’s the other matter that is washed down our drains that accumulates in the pipes too. The result being a nasty build up and blocked drains. Blockages in our wastewater system can be extremely difficult to repair, yet it is a job that must be done. If these blockages aren’t cleared in treatment plants, they can end up in oceans and creeks.

Damage to Home’s Outdoor Areas

Toilet Problems

Wet wipes that have caused drains to block on your property can fast become a costly issue. If the blockage isn’t attended to as a priority and cleared properly using the correct equipment, the result can be burst pipes. Once burst, pipes can cause unsightly damage to lawn and garden.

Blocked pipes that are left unattended can overflow. The result of this can be outdoor areas of your home covered in raw sewerage …. Yuck! An unpleasant smell and unsightly plumbing issue to have.

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