Are you Having Trouble with your Sewerage?

Septic tank doneDepending on what kind of septic tank you have will depend on the maintenance that needs to be done.

Septic Systems of conventional or standard systems are underwater wastewater treatment systems used in rural or regional areas without a centralised sewer system.

If you are not sure what kind of septic system you have, contact your local council or shire and ask for your septic plans for the property, keep in mind there may be a fee charged for this and could take anywhere up to 10 days for retrieval. Another place to look would be your building plans of the house. Ask you neighbours they will probably know.

Signs You May Have a Malfunctioning Septic System?

  • Low Water Pressure
  • Smells
  • Find a Puddle, Pool Around the Septic System
  • Lush Green Growth

Low Water Pressure

If you are experiencing low water pressure or flow in your toilet system, first contact the water service in your area to check if work is being done. If this is not the case, there could be plumbing problem that will need the expertise of a qualified plumber to solve the problem.

Sewerage conversionSmells

If there is a foul odour coming from your drain field or septic tank this could be an indication of a blockage in the system, if you hear gurgling noises coming from areas in the home and a pungent smell, this could be harmful and will need to be given attention from a professional plumber to see where the problem is coming from.

Find a Puddle, Pool Around the Septic System

A pool of muddy water around the septic system especially in the dry seasons will be a sign that something isn’t flowing correctly through the septic system.

Lush Green Growth

Lush green growth around the drain fields, especially during the summer, is usually a good indication that the drain field is clogged and wastewater is not draining away like it should be.

Do You Suspect Your Septic System Needs Servicing?

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