5 Tips to Have your Plumbing Summer Ready

Kitchen sink

Summer has arrived in the South West! As temperatures continue to rise, so does the demand on our water supply. Did you know? It’s estimated that during summer, a family’s water usage can increase by up to 50%. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your plumbing is in good working order. This will not only avoid you wasting precious water but avoid a nasty surprise when your water bill arrives.

There are other areas of your plumbing that must be summer ready too. Read on to learn 5 tips to have your plumbing summer ready courtesy of Mainline Plumbing and Cheap Hot Water and Gas including:

  • Check toilets
  • Fix dripping taps
  • Inspect washing machine hoses
  • Check for water pooling in the garden
  • Avoid food and oils being washed down drains

Check toilets

School and Christmas holidays puts extra demand on the toilet/s in your home. A scorching summers day mixed with flood and smells from a toilet are not a good combination. If you have noticed your toilet is making strange noises, leaking or not flushing correctly have it repaired now. It is also a good idea to set some ‘toilet rules’ too including what to flush and what not to flush.

Fix dripping taps

Did you know a dripping tap can waste over 20 litres of water per day? This not only wastes precious water and can be the culprit of a spike in your water bill, but a tap left dripping will get worse over time and can even begin to stain your sink.

Inspect washing machine hoses

Days at the beach and several clothes changes each day sees a spike in the amount of weekly washing over summer. Before this extra demand occurs, visually inspect the hoses of your washing machine ensuring there are no cracks, holes or slits. The lifespan of a rubber washing machine hose is approximately 3 years.

Check for water pooling in the garden

Is your plumbing summer ready?

The roots of trees and large plants go searching for water during summer. These roots can be invasive and often make their way into water pipes underground. The result can be these pipes become blocked or broken. If left, the roots will continue to feed off the water in the pipes and continue to thrive and grow, causing a major plumbing problem. An indicator there may be cracks or breaks in your underground pipes is water pooling in areas of your garden for no reason.

Avoid food and oils being washed down sinks

While you should always be careful what gets washed down the sink, summer holidays see an increase in the amount of food being prepared and consumed in the home. Fats, oils, food scraps and sauces do not belong down drains. Over time, they build up and block pipes. Ensure all food scraps are cleaned off plates and put into the compost, before rinsing plates. A great idea is to have strainers on each kitchen sink to help minimise the risk.

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