4 Ways to Know If Your Pipes Are Worn Out

Pipe repair

Depending on the age of the home and how maintenance has been done in the past will be relative to any future problems you may come across when it comes to the pipe works overall condition.

It is good practice to check certain areas in the home and fix and replace items before they become bigger problems when they are at the end of their life.

Typical areas to check would be kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, basements, crawl spaces and generally anywhere pipework may be. If this is not in your expertise contacting a professional plumber to do these maintenance checks is definitely worth it.

What Are the Signs to Look Out For?

  • Leaks
  • Corroded pipes
  • Discoloured water
  • Stains


Leaks can present themselves in different ways in housing, e.g. from visible pipework to behind walls where pipework may be hidden, this is where you might see mould or mildew forming on walls or on floors, if mould is smelt in a room but not seen these are all potential problems of leaking pipes.

Water pipe repair

Corroded Pipes

Flaking metal on pipes or substantial look of damage to pipes could be a sign of corrosion. This can be the cause of high acid water content, that eats away at the pipes. When copper pipes are not used for a certain amount of time this too can lead to corrosion.

Discoloured Water

If rust coloured water starts coming out of your taps it is exactly that from rust. It is important for a plumber to be contacted at this point as rust causes hard water and this is not good for washing clothes, bathing or drinking.


Stains can show up as a discolouration to walls and ceilings, walls can even show evidence of a bubbling effect in the paintwork this is a sign to contact a plumber sooner rather than later to prevent the cavity of walls and ceilings getting further damage.

When You Need A Professional Plumber to Look at Your Pipes

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