3 Signs Your Washing Machine Hose Needs to be Replaced

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A common plumbing tip shared with homeowners is to check your washing machine hoses regularly for damage. While a damaged washing machine hose may not seem like a big problem, the result of the hose breaking can be. Imagine filling the washing machine with clothes, starting the washing cycle, leaving home and expecting to come home to freshly clean clothes however, you come home to a flooded laundry or worse still home. This could become a reality if your washing machine hose breaks. Reduce the risk of damage if your washing machine does break by turning off your washing machines taps when not using your washing machine or going away on holidays.

Read on to learn 3 signs your washing machine hose needs replacing including:

  • Age
  • Damage
  • Leaking Water


If your washing machine hose is more than a few years old be sure to check it regularly for any sign of damage. If the hose is showing any signs of wear or tear then consider having it replaced for peace of mind it won’t break.


When inspecting your washing machine hose, be on the lookout for any damage. This can include seeing or feeling any bubbles, cracks, rust or kinks. A damaged hose can burst at any time which can result in water freely flowing from the hose into your laundry and home.

Leaking Water

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When inspecting your washing machine hose be on the lookout for any water leaking, even if it is the smallest drip. Just as dripping taps waste precious water, so does a leaking hose. It may be the hose itself that is leaking or the connection that is leaking.

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