3 Common Causes of a Blocked Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink

Whether the kitchen in your home or business is used to cook meals and bake sweets or to simply make a morning cuppa, the kitchen is certainly a well-used area of a home or business. If water is no longer flowing freely down your kitchen sink, a blockage is the likely cause. While there are many tried and tested home remedies to clear a blocked kitchen sink, if these remedies are no longer working it is likely you have a blockage laying deep in your plumbing pipes.

Once a plumbing blockage has been cleared, if the issue re-occurs the culprit could be an item that is regularly being washed down your kitchen sink. Read on to learn 3 common causes of a blocked kitchen sink including:

  • Coffee Grounds and Beans
  • Food Scraps
  • Fats, Oils and Grease

Coffee Grounds and Beans

Many homes and businesses have a coffee machine that is put to good use each morning and throughout the day. You may think washing any excess coffee grounds down your sink wouldn’t cause an issue, however this is certainly not the case. Coffee grounds also absorb water meaning once in your pipes they can become stuck and continue to build up and collect other particles washed down the sink.

Food Scraps

A common occurrence in a kitchen is to rinse any food scraps from crockery or cutlery. While this may seem like a good housekeeping habit to have, food scraps are a common culprit of a blocked kitchen sink. Scrape excess food scraps into a FOGO bag and dispose of. While all food scraps are a no go to wash down the kitchen sink, there are a few food items that are particularly troublesome including pasta, potatoes, rice, bones and meat.

Fats, Oils and Grease

Chicken drumsticks leftover bones in a plate

Fry pans and baking trays are left with residue of fats, oils and grease after being used. You may think soaking these is a good way to clean them, however the fats, oils and grease that has accumulated is then washed down the sink.  As these liquids dry, they solidify and can cause pipes to block. Avoid any fats, oils or grease making their way down your kitchen drain by scooping into a bag and disposing in the rubbish.

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